•     Here's What People Are Saying About NRG...

“I joined NRG in June 2023., and in less than 3 months, I have already secured business and developed referral relationships. I am enjoying the relationships and the growth these opportunities bring me, and I expect to exceed my ROI by end of the year. What I love most is the excitement, friendships, and the vibe of the group. Everyone immediately jumps in to help and refer clients. It is a big happy family, and by far the best networking group anyone could ask for.


“Mike Weiner, the CEO and Founder of NRG, has made this nationwide networking group the best, and one I consider to be ‘the bomb’. He has made NRG supportive and impactful. I have already referred several colleagues and friends to NRG.

​"I can guarantee you will love the NRG Fall Extravaganza, and meet truly talented and wonderful people who aim to make you successful and grow! I have nothing but positive feedback, and I would encourage anyone to join.”


Jacqueline Tabor Vergne / Riemer Insurance Group

“What can be said about a man who single-handedly managed to create an organization that has moved me to the point where my life will forever be changed? Mike Weiner is nothing short of a master of his craft. His insight into creating an organization with an air of community and camaraderie is nothing short of amazing. He is a natural-born orchestrator who has insight beyond comprehension. Since initiating my membership, I have had more opportunities presented to me in less than one month than I have ever experienced before in all the networking groups I've been in. Mike has his finger on the pulse of success, and by joining him on this journey, NRG can be the answer to your prayer to make it work and having a lucrative and successful business.”

Linda Grace Farley/Cycles of Life Management Services & Independent BEMER Distributor

"When I joined NRG, I was not sure what I was getting into. Soon, I realized that NRG was helping me achieve personal and business growth. The more I conversed with new people and exchanged ideas, the more I broadened my knowledge in many areas. This made me think differently about the power of networking! NRG enabled me to meet people on zoom from across the U.S. and Canada, and at all professional levels. It really helped my confidence, too. I thank NRG for boosting my overall business and personal development."


Rupali Choksi/The Decision Group

“I joined NRG about a month ago, and I am astounded at the responsiveness and resourcefulness of the group. Mike Weiner, the CEO, has been a pleasure to get to know, and when he says he is going to do something, he does it! 

​"When you join, you receive 20+ connections that Mike knows will be beneficial, and most of them respond to you quickly. The weekly meetings are efficient and straight-to-the-point and attending each week really helps build friendships from business interactions. 

I am happy to have joined NRG, and I am looking forward to seeing where this year goes. I already need an assistant to keep up with the number of warm referrals I’ve received!”

Jillian Temple/Pioneer Ledgers Bookkeeping Services

"I came across NRG through a new contact, Danielle Perlin-Good. Seeing that we aligned in having positive energy, loving helping others and cheering on fellow entrepreneurs, she recommended I take a look at NRG and offered to connect me to Mike Weiner through a three-way text. Mike got right back to me and invited me to a group on Zoom. I LOVED the quality of people and the fact that I received 3 warm referrals on the spot!


"WOW- NRG is no comparison to any other group I have joined in the past! THIS is the true networking I have been seeking all these years: warm, caring, WONDERFUL people who share referral after referral at every meeting. I am eager to share referrals to others now, too! It feels great to be a part of the NRG community!


​"Mike… FYI -YOU ARE AWESOME!!! 🥰😎🎉🎈✅ 


"I have set up 1-to-1s with 11 of the 22 people you connected me with yesterday – all within the first week of joining! AND I received 4 more excellent referrals at the NRG meeting yesterday to boot! This is going to be EPIC! I will be helping so many people: helping people who speak English with an accent to be understood more clearly - and helping other NRG members’ businesses to grow.


"May God bless you and your amazing organization, Mike! THANK YOU!"


Anne Maki / Clear Speech Specialists, Inc.

“I am so pleased to recommend Mike and Network Referral Group for established business owners, startups, and entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants to build their business. Mike has a way of making all attendees at his business networking meetings and events feel like family, and he and the other members always make guests feel very welcome. Within the first 20 minutes of attending an NRG networking meeting in 2020, I was hooked! Mike’s effervescent personality and his strong belief in the Law of Attraction pulled me in.


“Mike and the other members of each NRG group truly have athe mindset that the more you give, the more you get. I received 3 referrals during my first visit, and I have gotten more at each meeting ever since. I know of no other networking group where members are guaranteed at least one warm referral at every meeting. The connections I have made from participating in NRG have exploded my business over the last few years. I can’t wait to see what the next year holds in store for me and my business with NRG.”

​Janis Thom/LegalShield

Mike is one-of-a-kind. From the time I met him until now, he has not ceased giving of himself to help me succeed. And that's the way he is with everyone around him. I've known Mike for a few years now and it's been a pleasure to work with him the entire time.

​"My experience with NRG has been nothing less than phenomenal! Mike and the NRG members truly care about your success and show it with action, in the form of real, warm referrals. Since I joined, I’ve converted many leads, and the number of warm referrals grows each day. NRG is different from other networking groups, because each member truly cares about contributing to the success of the other members. My business will reach new heights this year, and NRG will be central to that growth.”


“During my interactions with him, he has proven to be a stand-up guy, always putting himself out there to help you grow your business any way that he can. NRG is a reflection of who he is, and that's the reason I joined NRG. I'm happy to say I have not been disappointed, as the decision has had a REAL ROI for me each and every year. I recommend working with Mike and seeing how he can help you grow your connections and your business too!


“If you are looking for a place where your business can thrive with his proprietary form of networking, then you need to get with Mike and NRG!”

​Forrest Huguenin/Intentional Money Solutions, LLC

“There are times when life shows us the power of the presence of Love in the world. Meeting this guy, Mike Weiner, has been a profound act of Divine Intervention for the purpose of creating more abundance in our world.

“If you are considering aligning yourself with NRG, I would encourage you to take a hard look at yourself and your current efforts and motivations. And if I may suggest (as I did with Mike): stop selling and start serving! Only in this way will your business grow.

“Mike is a gifted connector. He is learning that the only way to be successful in life and in business is to have a genuine heart for serving the needs of others. His growing commitment to this is exploding NRG’s ability to gain traction and effectiveness in the world.

”Mike has been through the fire in his life, and is more keenly aware of its fragility. He understands that every day is a gift. He listens, encourages, empowers, and holds your Dream with you, and even for you, until you can hold it for yourself.

“And to all new members of NRG – congratulations and buckle up! The world needs your goodness and your services. Let Mike and the other NRG members teach you how it’s done.”

Raphael Aguon, Life Mastery Consultant / Dream Builder Coach / Licensed Occupational Therapist / Speaker / Trainer / Author 

Three Members on Why You Should Attend the NRG Extravaganzas

“I attended the previous NRG Extravaganza networking event 3 months ago. I had the opportunity to connect with well over 100 like-minded individuals and build some great relationships. The atmosphere was welcoming and the energy was electric. It was clear that everyone was there to make meaningful connections and grow their businesses. Of course, I joined NRG right away. You should join us at the next Extravaganza if you do business with your heart as well as your mind. You will learn a lot and meet some amazing people!”

Samuel Pepin, Sam & Associates

“Attend the NRG extravaganza! You’ll hear some excellent presentations and get some terrific nuggets and takeaways. Plus, you’ll explode your referral base with a receptive, warm network. NRG is people helping people, where everyone wins!”

Richard Garry/Maximum Medical Inc./LifeWave

“I have attended two NRG Extravaganzas so far.  I have been to other business summits before, but what I experienced at the NRG Extravaganzas was amazing! I made connections with people from all over the USA and beyond. I look forward to participating again and again, as I know I will benefit from the speakers and the contacts. The critical benefits are the connections you’ll make and the trust that is conferred that helps you grow your business. Take advantage of an event that works each and every time you participate.”

Mike Martin/Real Time Health Pass Ambassador

"I am thrilled to share my experience with a wonderful networking group that has truly changed my life. When I first joined this group, my main goal was to grow my business and make valuable connections with other professionals in my industry. What I didn't expect was the incredible relationships I would form with the members of this group.

“From the very first meeting, I was greeted with warmth and enthusiasm. The other members were genuinely interested in getting to know me and learning about my business. Over time, we developed a strong bond that extended beyond just business. We shared personal stories, offered support and encouragement, and truly became a community.

“Through this networking group, I have not only gained new clients and valuable business referrals, but I have also formed unforgettable relationships with some truly amazing people. We have celebrated each other's successes, shared in each other's challenges, and created memories that will last a lifetime.

“I am so grateful to have found this networking group, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to grow their business and form meaningful connections with others. Not only has it been a valuable tool for my professional development, but it has also enriched my personal life in ways that I never could have imagined.

“As for Mike, he is the greatest connector I know, and it is my pleasure to share my experience of working closely with him on business development over the past three months. Mike is a knockout when it comes to networking, and his skill set is unparalleled. He has an innate ability to connect with people from all walks of life and build relationships that last a lifetime. He is the perfect example of how an effective networker should be. Mike is always ready to lend a helping hand, and his selflessness has made him a go-to person for anyone who needs assistance in their professional life. Even if he tells you someone's number faster than light, he's always kind enough to repeat it. Mike’s positive attitude and demeanor make him stand out as an exceptional individual. His charisma, approachability, and communication skills are second to none.


“Mike would be an asset in anyone's life. He has a unique way of making everyone feel valued and respected, which is a rare trait in today's fast-paced world. If you're looking for someone who can take your networking game to the next level, Mike is your guy! I would highly recommend Mike to anyone who is looking for a talented, reliable, and passionate networker. He is a remarkable person, and I am confident that he will make a significant impact on your personal and professional life.”

Samuel Pepin/Sam & Associates

"Kudos to Mike Weiner and NRG for having a network of people ready to help others. It’s been a pleasure as an executive coach to be part of NRG and to have the ability to help business owners and entrepreneurs without expectation.

Business flows naturally to you through referrals in NRG, where members apply the Law of Attraction to give without expectation and receive without resistance. Since joining, the relationships I have developed with my referral partners have already led to doing business with four entrepreneurs and their businesses that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Thank you, Mike! "🙏 

Christopher Salem, CEO, Business Acceleration & Executive Coach/CRS Group Holdings LLC

Click to listen to how NRG helped Stacey Stockford of Strive to Thrive Services 5X'd her business since she joined our Canada group about 6 months ago. 

"NRG is creating a Kingdom of Leaders and impacting many people with providing amazing value, not only for financial gain."

"NRG stands for Network Referral Group, but to me, it stands for 'Energy'. When I am networking, the people that I want to connect with are people who also want to connect with happy, cheerful people who want a better way of life and a better way of doing business. They want more positive energy; not another self-absorbed salesperson with a slick sales pitch that he spews out as soon as he meets you.


Salespeople who ‘show up and throw up’ don’t last long in NRG. Salespeople with integrity and other business professionals who have honed the craft of building networks of positive people will thrive.


These folks know that the first requirement is to develop rapport, especially with strangers. The second requirement is to create a conversation by asking fertile questions that lead to a meaningful give-and-take conversation. The third requirement is to be genuine.


NRG encourages creating positive energy by having fun while meeting new people, learning about them, and finding out what they enjoy doing most. For instance, no one wants to talk to another life insurance salesman; but you might want to learn about a new replacement strategy that allows income tax-free access to the death benefit BEFORE you die. But NRG members never assume when we meet someone new; we listen to you, ask questions, and make a genuine connection with you!"


William Lee "Bill" Sefton/Sefton CPA

"I want to thank Mike Weiner and NRG for all the connections I've gotten in just a few weeks since I joined NRG.

​"When I joined, there were only about three weeks before the beginning of my next "Listening for Leaders" class. I thought it was a long shot that NRG would help me get a few more people in the cohort in such a short amount of time, because I was new to the Philadelphia group.

​"Thanks to NRG’s warm referral generating PINball system, I met with several dozen people right away, and I was pleasantly surprised when I got a 4x return on my membership investment before the end of the first month! Now that class I filled is running, and I'm ready to promote the next one. I look forward to filling entire cohorts of my class through NRG! Thanks again for all the connections you’ve helped me make!"


Adam Fleming/Motivational Listening International 

"I am delighted to write an endorsement of NRG to share my positive experience with this organization. I have been a member of many networking groups in the past, and they were mostly unsatisfying. NRG has been a welcome change.

​"When you become a member of NRG and attend a meeting, you will immediately get three warm referrals with phone numbers.  This is unheard of elsewhere.

​"Whenever I make a call to someone I have been referred to by Mike or another NRG member, they always understand why I am calling and quickly agree to develop a working relationship with me.  Furthermore, I often receive referrals from Mike and other NRG members outside of our weekly meeting. When you join NRG, don’t be surprised if Mike or other members send you a three-way text message - even on a weekend - to connect you with someone they feel you should meet."


Lee Rosenblum/Wealthwave

"Wow, I love NRG! This is my second year with this group, and I love connecting with like-minded go-getters from all over the U.S. and the globe, from the comfort of my home office. Thanks to NRG, I have added at least four new business partners and ten new clients to my Arbonne team!


"Not only has NRG moved my business forward, but I have actually had the opportunity to foster some of my best friendships, and as you know, people do business with people they know, like and trust. If you are looking for a networking group, look no further. I highly recommend NRG."


Angela Mederos/Arbonne International

"In April, 2022, I was introduced to Mike Weiner, the CEO of NRG, as a potential referral partner for my Business Strategy Coaching practice. Having been exposed to several networking groups before, I was obviously skeptical at first.

"At the first meeting I attended as a guest, Mike informed me I’d receive three referrals on the spot. I was blown away by his expertly organized system of giving warm referrals to everyone in the group. Not only did I receive three referrals that day, and every session I’ve attended since, I’ve also been introduced to several people who have become my “Power Partners,” people who connect me with other people outside the network, while I do the same for them. Within my first month of being a member of the Northern California NRG group, I made back my investment by securing a $3K contract with someone I met in the network.

"Since joining five months ago, I’ve literally made a return on my investment 12 times over! It would be an understatement to say that I’m continually impressed with the speed and efficiency of the NRG PINball referral system, as I believe this is the most transparent, honest, and efficient networking group I’ve ever been associated with. Mike and the members do what they say they will do, every time, without fail; no exceptions! 

"Please allow me to highly recommend Mike Weiner and the NRG organization as the only business referral group you’ll need to generate warm introductions and valuable connections for your business!"


Tom Kavanaugh/New Coaching Strategies

Testimonial Video from Tony Mecadon
Testimonial Video from Tony Mecadon

“I am very grateful to be a part of NRG! I knew, after attending my first meeting that NRG was different and something I should be a part of.  After only 2 months, I was so blown away by what NRG has done for my business and by the number of quality referrals received that I made this video last year. 

"I've been with NRG for a year now, and I couldn't speak more highly of the organization that Mike has built. In my opinion, NRG's success and consistent growth is tied to one thing: Mike has created and maintains a culture that the members want to be a part of. The goal for all of us is to grow our businesses, but you only have to attend one NRG meeting to realize that the other members of NRG want you to succeed as well. That's why it only took me one meeting, and I was all in.


"I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention NRG's VP, Michelle Wilson. She is one-of-a-kind and an amazing asset to the organization. Not only does she seem to have an endless number of names in her CRM, but she's always happy to teach networking best practices or assist in any other area that is needed. She is invaluable!

"Like anything else in life, you get out of it what you put into it, but if you show up, participate, and take the time to get to know other NRG members, you will certainly see a return on your investment. I've made it a point to get to know as many members as possible over the past year, and I'm very grateful that many have become both clients and friends.


Leads are leads, and you'll get plenty of them, but you'll also form relationships in NRG that will not just help in the short term, but will most likely help your business for many years to come. So, come check us out, and I hope you have the same great experience with Mike, Michelle, and NRG that I have had!"

Tony Mecadon/InPhone

“I found Network Referral Group via Facebook in November 2021, and I visited one of the groups in my area (DMV), and I knew instantly I wanted to join. It has been an amazing experience! I received a warm welcome and 3 leads on the spot before I even joined. What other group does that for every guest? I have not been to any other networking group that has such amazing business owners and genuine people. 

"I locked in 3 business-to-business partnerships very quickly, and I would highly recommend NRG to anyone looking to expand and grow their business. This has been the best decision I could’ve made. I continue to meet wonderful people and build out the brand for my business.

"I highly recommend attending the NRG Extravaganzas, where you will see for yourself how truly beneficial this group can be for your business.”

Ranbir Bhutani/CyberCulture, LLC

"For many of us, the events of the past couple of years forced a hard look at all aspects of our lives. The urban 'rat-race' was no longer sustainable for me, and I chose to shift my priorities and my location. In 2021 I closed a successful sports medicine clinic in the Bay Area, and moved from California to North Idaho for a change of pace. It took several months to decompress and set new intentions. I decided to create a new business incorporating my experiences of athletic training, physical therapy and functional medicine through telehealth and online consulting, with a sprinkle of local in-person clientele. 


But I wondered: how could I build a network of potential clients and referral sources? I am a healthcare provider-not a salesman or marketing guru-so the thought of 'pitching' my services to strangers did not sit well. Fortunately, my friend, Angelina Sun, shared her experience with NRG and invited me to check it out. What a blessing this was!


NRG has been a wonderful platform for building COMMUNITY! Mike and his team do a great job of offering a wide variety of tools through the weekly group meetings, the Speaker Series, 3-way personal introductions, and perpetual positive energy. As the NRG network continues to grow nationwide, and worldwide, so does mine! I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and business who have an entrepreneurial spirit and genuinely love to share their gifts and talents with others."


Nadine Waeghe/Elevate Performance & Physical Therapy

"Like many people, I was skeptical at first about networking on Zoom. I had been so focused on assisting small business owners with their PPP loans during the pandemic, that I did not realize that virtual networking gatherings were happening in my living room. As things began to settle down with the PPP loans, I started learning about various (other) virtual networking groups. I met wonderful people and gained a few clients, but my ROI from those groups was nothing like my previous networking efforts from in-person networking groups on Long Island.


But then, in June of 2021, I attended an NRG meeting. I had no idea what I was getting involved with, but I am so glad I attended! I was offered three warm leads on my first visit! I joined right away. Before the end of my first three months with NRG, I had more than covered the membership fee!


"Mike and his team work hard to provide the resources to improve yourself and your business. NRG offers much more than just weekly meetings and warm referrals. NRG also provides a monthly business education Speaker Series, Mastermind meetings, Extravaganzas & success partners who will always be looking out for you!"

​Lisa Rodino/FitUFinance, Rodino & Associates

"Mike Weiner and NRG have pushed business networking into a new orbit. Our meetings are high-energy and always productive. I have met professional business owners from across the U.S., and I always leave with new leads. I’m so grateful to be a member of this thriving community."


P.K. Eastman/Right Time...Write Now!

"I have been a member of multiple business referral groups in the past. When I visited NRG, I noticed immediate differences:


"First, Mike Weiner, the CEO, is personable, available, active, and has high energy. Second, the group was more personal than others. Third, it was very evident right away that the members were sincerely committed to the mission of helping others in the group, and even guests succeed first. I had never been to a group where the other members were more interested in helping me than they were in having me help them!


"I left the meeting with a handful of referrals and joined right away. I have received many more referrals at each weekly meeting since then, which made NRG well worth the low price of a membership.


"I recommend that anyone who wants to gain more referrals, reach more people, and build your business, should visit an NRG group. It won't take you long before you are hooked!"


Jeffrey Klie/Fastest Feedback

“I want to recommend NRG because of Mike and the new family I have acquired simply by joining NRG. I have been an avid networking person for many years. I have joined the big-time groups; I have joined the small and medium-sized groups, too. My leads from those groups were few and far between. I have joined free groups and groups that cost significantly more than NRG.


“The difference was that right off the bat, I received three substantial leads… as a guest! I received these leads without having to pay a penny. One of them is about to book an event with my company, and I’ve booked three additional referrals (including Mike) to be on my webcast show. My dues have been earned back already!!


“Mike should be called the “Ringmaster of Networking”! He runs every meeting with the same positive energy and enthusiasm, Monday through Friday, whether it’s morning, afternoon, or evening. I could go on and on, but I need to call back these leads that I received at the last meeting!”


Norman Wasserman/Friend Entertainment USA, Inc.

“I have been a member for 2½ years, and it's the best business networking group I've ever seen. I could go on and on about all the value NRG brings to the table, but I'll touch on just a few things:


1.  Our community consists of like-minded professionals. We love helping each other succeed. We call our community family.

2.  Warm referrals in the spot! We don't just toss a name at you and say, “Try this person.”  We say, “She’s expecting your call.” Or, “Tell him I thought you could really help each other.”

3.  Speaker Series – Business education seminars held monthly.

4.  Mastermind Meetings – held twice a month to share knowledge and ask for assistance and advice.

5.  Extravaganzas held quarterly – with informational and inspirational speakers, speed networking, and more!

6.  Mike Weiner cares about his members, and the members care about each other. Action speaks louder than words, and I've seen this in action over and over.

7.  NRG sets you up for SUCCESS!!!!”

Anita Ferguson/Arbonne International

"Many years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting President Bill Clinton at a White House Christmas party.  He immediately made me feel like a special friend. It was an amazing experience. Mike Weiner has that same knack for making everyone he meets feel like a best friend.


"NRG is a community of friends networking in a relaxed, but purposeful way for a common goal. There is no pressure, no rules, just people who want to help each other’s businesses grow. Soon your business will be tapping markets you never even thought about.


Five hundred dollars a year is a small price to pay for your company’s success. Just think about your advertising budget, then compare the ROI to a year of membership with NRG. If you are interested in joining NRG, give Mike a call and tell him Art sent you!"

Art Garroway/Copper by Art

"I have to give Mike Weiner and NRG a lot of credit for my success over the last 14 months. This is due to a number of factors: the PINball system of warm lead generation, the emphasis on personal development, the implementation of a "helping people first" spirit, and Mike’s servant leader attitude all contribute to the success of all the NRG members."

Cheryl Miller/PPLSI - Legal Shield

"Where do I even begin to express my gratitude and appreciation to Mike Weiner and my NRG family? This networking platform is extraordinary! It provides a strategic way to meet professionals, learn about others’ businesses and promote your business as well.


“Mike’s energy and positive personality, paired with phenomenal NRG members, make this organization powerful for many reasons. If you need help, you ask; if you need a lead, you ask; and if you need mentorship or a mastermind session, you ask. Thank you for providing such a magnificent program where driven professionals can chase their dreams.”

Amberly Shreve/SendOutCards

I joined NRG two weeks ago today, and I’ve already had ten virtual meetings with NRG referrals, and an additional 2 meetings with referrals from NRG members. I’m meeting amazing people from all over the country that I would never have met otherwise.


This is truly networking, but I would add that it’s networking with a twist! The twist is the underlying understanding of energy and the law of attraction. The members that I’ve talked to understand the law of attraction enough to trust this process.


The key word that I’ve taken away from each meeting is the word ‘trust’ -- which is amazing, since none of us have ever met before. And that’s the way that the law of attraction works. We all have the same intention to network, to share our businesses, but also to share referrals, and to help others. We attract those that are of a like mind.


This has been such a fun two weeks, and I can’t wait for the next meeting! Your life really can be one of magic, miracles, and manifesting, especially if you join NRG.”


Beth McGill/Thrive, Flourish & Grow

“Two months ago, I was guest at an NRG meeting. It felt very welcoming, like being with good friends and family. I had never experienced a feeling like this at a networking group before! I was even more surprised when I received 3 referrals just for being a guest! NRG has an atmosphere of genuine sincerity where everyone wants to help each other.


“I decided to join, and a day later, I received 20 referrals from Mike via NRG’s signature 3-way-text introductions. I was blown away by getting so many leads, and all of them were warm leads.


“Now being seven weeks in, I have had to purchase Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) software -- just to keep up with the number of referrals I have been receiving. Joining NRG has been a complete game-changer for my business, and it will be for you, too!


“Don't Delay, Join Today!”

Jeff Kay/My Digital Memories

"I had been looking around for several months to find a networking group that suited my needs. I’m in Financial Services/Life Insurance, and I found that reps like me were everywhere. Many of the groups that I looked into either had one or two people in my already, and I didn’t want to have to compete for attention. Many other groups I checked out mandated that you bring a set number of referrals in in order to receive any referrals. Since I was just starting out in this field, I didn’t really have many referrals to give to uphold that kind of obligation.


"Then I discovered Network Referral Group. From my first meeting with NRG I was instantly hooked by the supportive nature of the group members and the passion Mike Weiner has for helping them succeed. As a guest, I received three warm referrals before I even committed to joining, and that kind of support and drive was what made up my mind that NRG was something I truly wanted to be a part of.


"Now, a year later, I have happily renewed membership in the New York City NRG group for another year. Not only did being an active part of NRG help me get in touch with the right people to help me grow my business; it has aided me in establishing a network of various, talented professionals whom I feel very comfortable sharing with my clients. Thank you to Mike and everyone in NRG!"

Kelly A. Farrell/New York Life Long Island

"I was introduced to NRG just one week ago. Over the last 30+ years, I have been a part of many different networking groups, but they never worked for me. I found those other organizations’ meetings to be both stressful and irritating, because they had too many rules and requirements, and were a waste of money, resulting in infrequent and low-quality leads for my business.


“Conversely, in the first week I’ve been a part of NRG I have received six high quality referrals. When I reached out to them, they all were eager to talk with me once I told them who had referred me. I was so impressed by the professional and influential people I have spoken with already. I can easily see developing a very successful and lucrative business relationship with most of them. Even if I didn’t get any more referrals, and I’m sure many more will follow, my cost of membership has already been worth every penny.


“Thank you, Mike and Michelle, for providing such an amazing platform for those of us who want to expand our businesses with such strong referrals!”


Joel Saxe/Zen Delivery

"At first, I went really wasn't sure how NRG was going to work for me. But when I do something, I give it my full attention and effort. I was more than happy to realize that on my very first day on NRG I was not only able to meet some fantastic people, and I also not just recouped my investment, but I made enough to pay for a second year! That good fortune picked right up on the second day as well. Looks like NRG is becoming one of the best investments I have made all year. I love the energy in the groups and the hustle to help others. I hope and expect that this is a harbinger of good things to come." 


Gabe O'Neill/Digital Accelerant

"Within my first month of being a member of NRG, I’ve already made back my investment by securing a $3K contract with someone I met in the network. That’s a multiple ROI! In my opinion, NRG is the most efficient networking group available anywhere! Thank you!"


Tom Kavanaugh/New Coaching Strategies

"NRG is a nationwide family of like-minded people who WANT to help your business grow. It is virtual on Zoom five days a week. You have the option to attend as many meetings as you wish as long as there is not a competing business in that group. If you can sell in all 50 states, Canada, the UK, or Australia, why wouldn’t you want to have a national team of referral partners who have you top of mind?"


John Waller/The OnHold Experience

"Mike Weiner is the real deal! If you run a business and need to get plugged in immediately, this is the best way to do itI just started my insurance agency 7 months ago, and that’s when I joined NRG. It took me only 2 weeks to get my first sale that came from a referral from NRG. Mike and the other members of my NRG group have since given me even more referrals and referral partners throughout the entire country. 

​"Being an NRG member means I now have an unlimited source of referrals that I don't have to purchase from a list broker. I’m also learning more about who my ideal referral partners and clients are, thanks to NRG's PINball system. NRG is one of the best -- and smallest -- investments I’ve made in my business, and it's turning out to be one of the most fruitful."

John Al-Jazrawi/Custom Coverage Solutions

"I am so impressed with the way NRG meetings are run. It is not your typical networking meetings; it's all business. At each meeting we tell each other what we are looking for, such as the industries that are the best “power partners” and clients for each of us. Everyone receives warm leads each week. After the first two meetings, I had success in reaching new prospects through NRG, and I made my investment back right away. At this rate, I expect to open many new accounts this year, thanks to NRG. There are groups in so many cities that I can attend virtually, as an NRG member. Contact me if you’d like to be my guest, so you can see for yourself how it works."


Greg Barber/Eco Friendly Printer

"NRG is a fantastic networking group that is all about giving referrals and sending a vast amount of positive energy on a worldwide basis. NRG is not just a networking group, it's a business class --with class. What I mean is that I've been in other networking groups where people come and go, never show their faces, schedule 1:1 sessions only to sell me their "business opportunities", or leave the meeting when they're done reading their 5-minute pitch from their computer screens. In contrast, NRG is all about teaching you the value of how to be a go-giver, not just a go-getter. At the meetings, we not only give each other many WARM leads each week, we also talk about ways to follow up and build momentum with our businesses. If you really want to build momentum, I recommend attending each of the quarterly NRG Extravaganzas These events are always worth attending. I've met so many like-minded individuals at these events who have referred me to many businesses on a global scale. 

​"When I attended my first NRG meeting, I was greeted with a warm welcome and a sincere smile from the CEO Mike Weiner. Mike is the type of guy you want to connect with, mainly because he understands that helping others get what they want in life will ultimately help you get what you want in life (and in business). Thank you, Mike, for helping us to become abundant professionals like yourself, and for introducing me to your invaluable NRG network!"

Z Yasin/Z World Webs

"I was impressed by NRG the minute I attended my first meeting, and I became a member the next day! Coming away with 3 referrals as a visitor was mind-blowing, and the immediate feeling of welcome and appreciation was something I never had never felt before as a member of other networking groups. My business is now poised to thrive and grow, and with my new family at NRG, so is my faith in people."

Tony Peltier/Tony Goes There LLC

“I used to believe networking would be difficult and take much too long to get results. Then I was introduced to Mike Weiner at NRG. Within my first NRG meeting six weeks ago, I was introduced to three people, two of whom became clients. Since then, I have found that NRG's method of warm introductions via 3-way text produce near-immediate responses that turn into actual face-to-face Zoom calls, creating a great way to meet potiential clients and power partners. Even when a referral does not become a client,  building my network through NRG members and referrals a strong, ever-expanding partnership of business professionals who all are working together to help each other grow. Thank you, Mike and Network Referral Group!”


Pat Taylor/Taylor Virtual Group

"I was truly impressed with my first visit to NRG. Not only was the atmosphere warm and welcoming, but the other members are honestly there to help each other, not just to pitch and run. I have been to many networking events online in the past couple of years. None had the same impact and community as NRG. I'm committed to up-leveling my business this quarter, and I knew NRG would be the catalyst I needed. Oh, and I closed my first deal from NRG within hours of signing up! It was a 200% return on my investment! How's that for ROI? Thank you for the amazing welcome, Mike and crew!"


Jennifer Elia/Secret to Visibility Online 

“NRG is such an incredible networking experience! It is all about connecting and helping others. Mike Weiner is an expert in connecting people and has built an incredible community of people with a system that works!”


Michelle Lee Myrter/Michelle Lee Business Coaching LLC

"Here's why it’s so important to surround yourself with like-minded people who are willing to help you succeed in your business. Thanks to Mike and NRG, I had the wonderful opportunity to be connected with a Doctor of Chiropractic who is willing and wanting to be a referral partner with Kayla Barnes Fitness! This is super-awesome, and it's just one example. I’m excited for this beautiful opportunity and all the wonderful clients that I will have the pleasure of working with in the future! Thanks, NRG, for the connections!" 


Kayla Barnes/Kayla Barnes Fitness, LLC

"Today was my introduction to NRG and my very first meeting.  I have to say that it was phenomenal and amazing! I made new business friends and got business referrals --referrals that I quickly connected to and now have a relationship with. What kind of group has that kind of sincerity and power? None that I have ever been a part of until now! If you have any doubts about joining NRG, I can honestly say that you will not be disappointed with what you get from this group of amazing people. Mike & NRG, you are awesome!”


Dianne Shehadeh/Dragonfly Mobile Notary Public

“NRG is a great networking experience filled with dynamic, hard-working professionals. The innovative approach to networking and referrals is the missing link in the traditional networking chain. Every time I attend, I feel energized to expand my connections base and improve my business. Joining this group is one of the best investments a business owner can make.”


Annamarie Buonocore/Senior Care Authority Peninsula & In Flight USA

“I'm so, so excited that I was introduced to NRG! Before becoming a member, I visited an NRG meeting, and I was introduced to Jermaine in Arizona. Within 4 weeks he became my client! I’ve been a full-fledged member of NRG now for 2 months, and within that time I’ve connected with two people in Indiana who have also become my clients! I cannot express how thankful I am to be a part of this amazing networking organization and to be able to connect with people nationwide to promote their businesses whlile I build mine! NRG has lit a fire under me!!!! Thank you, Mike!!”


Tina Holt/Vivial

"I'd like to reflect on why I chose NRG as a networking group rather than another networking option. I was compelled to move forward and join for several reasons. First, there was the appeal of the spontaneity of the organization. People were friendly, unassuming, and without any attitude towards me, a newcomer. Their diversity of occupations, too, was attractive.


While there was structure, that structure wasn't a hindrance or, in any way threatening or daunting. I wasn't besieged by a litany of rules. I was welcomed from the beginning and, to further ingrain my decision to move ahead as a member, I was actually given a list of referrals immediately, even as a visitor! After joining, I was further given a plethora of names of referral partners with online introductions through the group leader, Mike Weiner. I'm in the process of sealing 10 zoom call dates with these suggested names...incredible, as I only joined a few days ago!

There is no hesitation on my part.  I'm thrilled that I've joined NRG, and I know the same would be true of any other member."


Susan Levy/Colonial Life Insurance

"I've been an entrepreneur the last 9 years and can say having a strong network can truly help your business. With that being said, I have never come across a network leader like Mike Weiner or a network like NRG. One of the very first things I noticed was the little bits of knowledge and insight that were naturally given from the relationships that had been formed. This was before any referrals had been passed along. I also like the fact that most referrals were three-way texts, which sets up a healthy introduction. Then I joined and got 20 three-way texts right away set up by the founder himself. Mike is revolutionizing how networking is being done just by keeping things light, clear, and actionable. It makes you want to add value to NRG to keep what Mike has started going strong for years to come."


Christopher Shaw/The Infinity Firm

“Here’s the reason I joined NRG: Mike’s energy is unprecedented, and it is the networking group I have experienced where you get the most value from referrals. The culture is amazing and attracts high achievers in their industry. I highly recommend NRG to anyone looking for a great lead source, to generate strong relationships, and to grow your business.”


Matt Balducci/BNC Strategic Partners

“NRG has really made networking and meeting new professionals easy for me! At first, I was hesitant about joining any type of networking group, because I don’t have much time to network, let alone time to travel and go to different networking events. But with NRG I could really meet people and make great connections without having to leave my house. I love the fact that we just keep growing, and that you can attend different meetings in different locations across the United States. What I love most about NRG is that everyone is so positive and uplifting, and that’s great energy for making amazing connections!”


Bhumi Patel/Sparklight Marketing

“I had sworn off of networking groups! After 26 years as an entrepreneur, I thought had been to all of them, and I was DONE! But after months of quarantining, a friend I admire very much invited me to visit NRG. Since it was only an hour on Zoom, I figured -- why not?


From the moment I hopped on the NRG meeting, I was impressed with the people: their energy, how they were giving each other names and numbers, and truly helping each other find connections to grow their businesses. The members were sincere, fun, professional, and clearly committed to assisting one another.


Since joining I’ve encouraged my Arbonne team members to join NRG, because it has been such a boost for my business! Not only have I made connections across the country, added new clients, and grown my business, but I have also met some of the greatest people and made life-long friends. If you’re not part of NRG, you need to be! Mike and his members will take very good care of you, and it is definitely money well spent!”


Robin Corbin/Arbonne International

I have been a member of NRG for the past 2 years. It has been a fantastic forum to meet, develop partnerships and to share ideas with other business professionals. NRG has been growing in leaps and bounds, due to our charismatic leader Mike Weiner and all the sincere and dedicated members.”


Sue Harbina/HealyWorld, USA

“When I joined NRG, I was pleasantly surprised by the focused leadership of Michael Weiner as well as the welcoming team of fellow business professionals. NRG is an organization of like-minded professionals determined to help all members. As a result, I have received many ideas on how to promote and brand my business. In addition, I have been given numerous opportunities to connect with potential clients. NRG is an ever-growing organization but the leadership still remains close to its members.”


Sheila Sembly-Crum/Zoetic Wellness Center

“NRG is unlike any other experience I have had in 20 years of networking. My business has grown immensely, thanks to NRG, and it continues to accelerate. Every week I meet and become friends with like-minded entrepreneurs who are invested in my growth. It doesn't feel like a networking group, although it is national and now in Canada and Australia. This feels like a family. The groups and events are motivating, interesting, and fun. 

Motivated and passionate entrepreneurs - you all belong here!!! Anyone in the lead buying business owes it to themselves to come visit as a guest. Once you join, I assure you that you will never have to buy leads again. NRG is my happy place.”


Sharie Helfand/Heller Kowitz Insurance Advisors

"I have joined many networking groups in the past but nothing comes close to what NRG has to offer. With the referrals I have received, I paid off my annual membership within two months, and the rest is gravy!


Mike Weiner is master connector, networker, influencer, and author! He loves serving people and does so with a heart of gratitude and servitude. 

Bonus: We all have lots of fun! — feeling blessed."


Maurice Werner/Werner Technology Solutions

Video Testimonial From Bobbie Price

Let me first say thank you to Mike for the opportunity to network our resources together. Plus, I wanted to say thank you for our friendship. As your ‘brother from another mother,’ we have done quite well together. Within 90 days of being a new member, I was able to do over $11,000 dollars in revenue. In the 16 months that I have been a member, I have added about $40,000 of revenue to the magazine. I am not sure what others might experience but my $1,000 dollar investment (year one and then my annual renewal for year two) led to about $40,000 dollars in new business, which is not a bad return!”

Bobbie Price/Fulton Living

“Since activating my connection with Mike andNRG, I have seen a consistent increase of meaningful relationships. I believe people would like to live healthy! There’s a positive storm of energy going on in the world and in NRG. We live in communities; our individual bodies are made up of communities! Our bodies, souls, spirits, and minds are hungering, thirsting for healthy love of ourselves and others. I’m grateful to be a part of the NRG Community. It’s AMAZING, IT’S ENERGY! LIVE HEALTHY, MY FRIENDS!"


Ray Coggin/Cellular Health Coaching

“I have been an NRG member for over two years. I have made great contacts and formed partnerships with a diversity of businesses. I know of no better way to meet and connect with business owners and representatives in such an engaging, friendly and professional environment.”


Joseph Auslander/DEX Imaging

“I have been with NRG since late 2018. I have met some wonderful individuals. I have been able to connect with so many different small businesses and self-employed people. If you want to network with a group of professionals who look out for your best interest and are your sales team, then look no further. The best part now is I can visit groups in many different states. Thank you to Mike and the NRG family!”


Jodi Marlow/US Health Advisors

“NRG… Where do I even begin?! When my friend introduced me to Mike, I instantly knew we’d click. I won’t lie, as a work-from-home-mom, I had hesitations as a but Mike reassured me, and I just energetically knew this was the place for me. I’m a firm believer that we get what we ask for, and for months I’d been saying, ‘I need to get out of my network.  I want to meet new people.’ From my first visit I felt like I belonged. Every member made me feel welcome and they were eager to help each other, too. I have yet to leave a meeting not feeling encouraged, fired up, and of course not without new leads and ideas. The knowledge in the group alone is outstanding! It’s incredible what happens when people get together to help each other! The NRG energy is not like any I have experienced before. Whether you’re a novice or expert networker. this is the place to be!”


Jasmine “Jaz” Gonzalez/Arbonne International

"Mike Weiner is the king of networking, and he makes everyone at NRG feel like royalty. Mike attracts members who care more about giving than receiving.

NRG is a fantastic forum to share insight, learn from people in diverse industries and fulfills the networking opportunities that we have missed during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

 Rebecca & Keith Scott/TALLsmall Productions

"After joining the Dallas NRG a few months ago, I want to say that it’s been an absolute pleasure working with Mike Weiner and NRG. Being a member of NRG provides you with exposure to many other small, medium, and large businesses locally and nationwide. It is a great opportunity to expand your network with like-minded professionals. Joining NRG will definitely help you connect with great entrepreneurs, build business relationships, and find new opportunities for your business."

Maribel "Sunshine" Rodriguez/Sunshine Personnel Solutions, LLC

I joined NRG (Network Referral Group) in late 2019 while looking for new ways to network and meet potential clients as an insurance agent representing carriers outside of my resident state. Here it is, more than a year later, and in an ongoing pandemic, we are able to network and meet with individuals nationally and now internationally from the comfort of our virtual offices, thanks to Mike’s forward thinking!


There is no way for me to capture the level of efficiency and potential for success with this format. I also appreciate the reduced carbon footprint of not driving to meetings and not dealing with traffic issues, tolls, gas, auto expenses, etc.! I’m able to use the I save by not driving from meeting to meeting to exercise. I can even attend a meeting while I’m walking in the sunshine! I feel there is so much value to the way we are working now, that there is no getting that genie back in the bottle!

Faye Wilson/US Health Advisors

“I love Mike Weiner’s energy. His leadership and vision for NRG is amazing. I have never seen a networking group that truly networks like NRG! If you want to grow your pipeline and meet some amazing people, contact Mike now! It didn’t take but one visit to know I wanted to be a part of this amazing group of people!

Francine Ivey/Southwestern Consulting

“At my very first NRG meeting, I got a client. NRG creates a space where business professionals help each other to grow the businesses in a way that’s organic and powerful. I would recommend NRG to anybody who wants to grow their business.”

Umar Hameed/CEO, No Limits Selling

"NRG has been a phenomenal experience for me. I love that the NRG community is like a family, and everyone genuinely wants to support one another. I also appreciate the foundation of the group being built upon The Law of Attraction.


This is a networking group that stands out above other networking groups and platforms because it is professional, yet relaxed and enjoyable. I have experienced great success in my business by simply connecting with NRG members and connecting with the referrals I receive from them.


Mike has a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone. He is working diligently to take NRG not only nationwide, but internationally too! I am very grateful I was invited to this AMAZING networking group, and I look forward to what the future holds for each and every one of us."

Jessica Terenyi, JK Organizing LLC

“I am a photographer from Maryland. I met Mike Weiner through Facebook. He really liked my pictures and wanted me to join Network Referral Group. I didn't know what NRG was about and didn't have much interest at first, but after a lot of persistence, I joined a zoom call. I can tell you that it was the best decision I ever made! Everyone was so welcoming and so helpful!

Before I joined NRG, I had no idea where to even start my company, and with the help of Mike and other members, now I have a plan. I am so thankful to everyone for all of their help. One of the best things about this company is how caring everyone is. It honestly feels like a family and it makes you want to take care of and help one another. This has been such a blessing in my life, and I am so thankful for NRG!”

Tara Flannery/Flannery Fotography

"I have been a part of NRG for several years. It is truly a great way to keep your business opportunities flowing. Being in sales, this is one of my key sales funnels. You will meet great people, and we all are motivated to help each other. The great thing is that NRG is growing and expanding all over the country. You can now connect with more people virtually than ever. The nominal annual fee is well worth the return you will get!"

Brian Parnell/Cornerstone

"I am a licensed acupuncturist and wellness consultant. I joined NRG because I was looking for a way to connect with fellow business owners, build my network, and support those around me, and it was the best decision I could have made! Everyone in this organization is so friendly and excited to support one another. Even after being in the group for such a short time, I have already made invaluable connections! I'm so grateful for this organization that I know is going to help take my businesses to the next level and thrive.

I tried out other groups and once I found NRG I knew it was the right fit for me. The members of NRG are incredibly open, warm, and helpful individuals who are eager to help everyone, and the energy is absolutely contagious! Mike, the CEO of NRG, sets a standard of professionalism, fun, and positive energy that makes the meetings engaging and motivating. I always end each meeting feeling excited to continue networking and supporting others as much as they support me. 

When one of us wins, everyone wins, and that mentality is authentically displayed in NRG. 

​Through this organization, I have not only made connections that have influenced my business, but I have gained job opportunities that I would never have had without this group!  Joining this networking group was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! If you’re looking to expand your network and business and make lifelong work friends and family who care deeply for you, NRG is the home for you!”  

Hannah Jefferson/Soul and Lune Wellness

"I have been with NRG for about three years. There is no other organization like NRG. Yes, there are other networking organizations but you won't find one the has progressed as fast and far as this one. Because of the pandemic, NRG got catapulted into the 21st century by going virtual, under the guidance of Mike Weiner who believes that EVERYONE is important in the organization and willing to help ALL. The success is because of our shared value that no one in the organization wants to see another member fail. We must stick together through these challenging times to survive and grow stronger. If you want your business to succeed, then you need NRG in your corner. Don't delay. Call Mike or me today and join. It will be the best business decision you will ever make."

Rich Sease/Prominence Security, Inc.

"NRG has done more for my business than any other networking group, and I think I’ve tried them all! NRG is the only group where I walk away with the names and phone numbers of actual warm prospects. Mike Weiner is always warm, generous, and the most hard-working man I know. Slow down, Mike! " 

Michelle Wilson/ACN

"NRG is a fantastic professional networking group. It is structured to drive leads and power partners to you, while also making an efficient use of your time. I have been a part of NRG for less than a month, and I have already made enough from great leads to pay for my membership for the next 2 years! I would suggest that everyone should at least look at what NRG has to offer. Thank you, Mike Weiner, for the opportunity to join, and I look forward to even more success from being a member of your Colorado group."

Trevor Jackson/Five Rings Financial

"There are times when life shows us the power of the presence of Love in the world. Meeting Mike Weiner has been a profound act of Divine Intervention for the purpose of creating more abundance in our world. Mike is a gifted connector. He is learning and understanding that the only way to be successful in life and in business is to have a genuine heart for serving the needs of others. His growing commitment to this is exploding NRG’s ability to gain traction and effectiveness in the world; even during a pandemic.


Mike has been through the fire in his life, and is more keenly aware of its fragility. He knows and understands that every day is a gift. He listens, encourages, empowers, and holds your Dream with you, and even for you, until you can hold it for yourself.


If you are considering aligning yourself with NRG, I would encourage you to take a hard look at yourself and your current efforts and motivations. And if I may suggest to you (as I did with Mike) stop selling and start serving. Only in this way will your business grow. And to all new members of NRG – congratulations and buckle up! The world needs your goodness and your services. Let Mike teach you how it’s done."

Raphael Aguon/Life Mastery Consultant/Dream Builder Coach/Licensed Occupational Therapist/Speaker/Trainer/Author/Lover of Life

“Mike has been an instrumental part of my career transition and I certainly owe a good amount of credit to him and his networking company, NRG. The companies and individuals in NRG have been nothing short of professional and wonderful! Thank you, Mike!”
Pablo Troncoso/Sales Boomerang/Troncoso Growth Agency
"In the last 4 weeks, I’ve attended two Network Referral Group (NRG) events. The first event I attended was the NRG Fall Extravaganza, and I was very impressed. I got to learn a bit about NRG and the man who started it all 20 years ago, Mike Weiner. The energy in the room was spectacular, and I left with quite a few promises of later phone calls, which I’ve already made good on.

Last night, I got to attend a regular NRG meeting. The premise of NRG is like some other groups, but it felt different to me. As everyone began introducing themselves, it was awesome to watch Mike lean in, and suggest possible referrals for people. I was just a visitor, but as I talked about my business, he came up with two people who might
be interested in my services! Last night’s meeting was very quick; we wrapped up in an hour. But wow, what an amazing hour. I left with two referrals and a phone call I still need to schedule. How great is that?

I never really liked the idea of networking groups where you have to show up and make a certain number of referrals, or only one person of each business type can join. My fear is always “What if they aren’t the best person for me to refer to?” But NRG isn’t like that. Yes, they do limit based on industry, but no one was taking tally for referrals made. Although if they had been, Mike would’ve won for sure! I also like that there aren’t any penalties for being unable to make meetings some times. I’m married with four kids -- things come up!

If you’re looking for a group to help you grow your business, I strongly suggest you consider NRG.​"

Ruthie Bowles/Defy The Status Quo

"“I joined NRG in the Spring of 2014. I was transitioning from my hourly bartender position to my commission-based sales career as an Insurance Broker. I quickly created believability in myself and my business. After a few meetings, I learned how to effectively use the Pinball method to my advantage by being as specific as possible about which

industries I was looking to develop and which power partners I have been successful with. Joining NRG was a no-brainer for me. I constantly find out about exclusive volunteer opportunities and networking events that I wouldn’t be invited to if I hadn’t joined. I also get never-ending leads from people that are happy to warm them up for me if needed. The people I have met through NRG have shown nothing but love and have been so happy to meet me one-on-one — just because I am a part of NRG. Bottom line: it works! I’m excited to continue participating in my groups, and I’m looking forward to getting more involved in NRG with the potential to eventually run my own group in the DC/Bethesda area. Joining NRG was the best thing I could have done for my business.”

Eric Appelbaum, Risk Management Services of Maryland
“Mike is extremely passionate about introducing professional people to each other. If you are looking to network and get your name or business out there, you should check out what he has to offer. He also might have that contact that you really need to meet as well.”

Tori Marriner Buscher, Manor Hill Brewing

“I am so excited to be a part of NRG! I heard Mike Weiner’s passion for networking and building businesses over the phone, and that day I decided to see what the group was about. As a Business Management Consultant, I concluded that NRG has unlimited growth potential.

First, Mike’s Pinball method is genius. Each meeting, members and non-members are prompted to search throughtheir existing network to find Power Partners, Industries and Named Accounts that will bring more closed business.

Secondly, the e-NRG-y of the group is electric. Everyone feels a responsibility to refer business owners to each other. Third, Mike Weiner is so dynamic and inspirational. His goal is to help you form strategic business partnerships and expand your business clientele. How many other CEOs of networking organizations are personally invested in your success? I now have one, and my business is in the process of taking off because of Mike and NRG.”

Kayla Solinsky, Macbeth Academy/The Mordeki Group, LLC

“I have known and worked with Michael for over 5 years on several projects. In that time; he continues to exemplify the true definitions of a leader, coach, consultant and friend. He is an expert at interpersonal relations. Michael is engaging and passionate. As the founder and CEO of NRG, he knows everyone! He is a connector and a networking guru. I can attest to the power of the organization. More than 60% of my business can be directly attributed to weekly meetings and networking events organized by NRG and its affiliates. I can only recommend Michael Weiner and NRG with the highest of enthusiasm.”
Keith Ullman/1631 Digital

Mike is very professional and runs a great organization unlike any other networking group. The people that belong to NRG are very professional and great people to be around. The meetings are run smoothly and efficiently and a lot gets accomplished in one hour.
Zachary Mainstain/Price Busters Discount Furniture

“I joined NRG after my first meeting when I saw how much business was being passed back and forth. I received two referrals at my first meeting. My biggest week so far, I received 11 quality warm referrals in one meeting. Members truly help each other. 

Mike has built a huge network during his many years in running NRG. He is committed to growing all the groups and is open to creating new groups anywhere there is interest. The Pinball strategy is a competitive advantage over other groups. Unique businesses in the organization have the ability to network with the hundreds of members across the organization, which is an immediate win. I have never regretted my decision to join. And my investment was quickly recouped. Business professionals should definitely visit a meeting to see why the Pinball system works!”

Elaine O’Malley/Isagenix

“Network Referral Group has been a life saver as far as referral partners goes, because during the meetings we actively brainstorm great referrals as a group. It’s kind of like a weekly mastermind group where we all try to work together on helping each other accomplish our own personal goals. Getting an outsider’s perspective is a great asset and the multiple referrals to connect with on a weekly basis make it a great group to be a part of.”

Morgan Russo/Thompson Financial Group, LLC

“I have known Michael Weiner for 20 years from our days together in Sales at IKON Office Solutions. Michael is a tremendous resource to his fellow business associates and the community. His philosophy has ALWAYS been to help others grow their business and achieve so much more. Michael is extremely well connected and is FOREVER working on ways to make everyone around him better. Michael is incredibly passionate, driven, motivated and organized. He has always been there for me 24/7 to just listen; willing to help out ,no matter the situation or circumstance.


Despite being such a driven business person, the thing that impresses me most about Michael is that he truly CARES. He cares about all aspects of a person’s life, not just the business side. He takes the time to get to know you, which is becoming increasingly rare in this day and age. Performance and trust are the ONLY two things I look for in any type of relationship, and Michael exhibits both of those traits to the maximum.


If you have not looked into his organization in the last two years, you owe it to yourself to check out NRG.”

 Sandy Cook/DEX Imaging

“Mike and I worked together 20 years ago at Xtec Solutions, and he was the consummate professional who worked hard and grew his network like very few others could.


Although our sales careers have taken different directions, Mike and I have always stayed in touch.  We have both successful careers, and I believe it is because we both share a common set of worth ethics – commitment to our customers, constantly growing our network, persistence to keep going even during the most challenging of times, and helping others when you can. 


When he formed NRG, it was perfect for Mike. He has taken his core work ethics to help others in their businesses to be more successful. Mike is dedicated and enthusiastic about NRG and the benefits it brings to the members. I fully recommend Mike and NRG to anyone looking for a different way to build your business or get more sales.”

Tina Armiger/New Relic, Inc.

“Meeting with Mike Weiner and becoming a part of NRG has been more than a WIN all around. The contacts I have met since joining have been beneficial in both my daily life and in my business practice overall. I have had a chance to meet so many people from all types of businesses from Real Estate to Human Resources to the health professions. The possibilities are endless with an organization like NRG. To promote this concept nationwide would propel other business owners like myself to want to partner and share business networking in a concise, concrete via comprehensive platform.”

Dr. Tré Steger-Smith/TE Enterprises Consulting, LLC

“I started with NRG about 5 years back ,and it truly lives up to its namesake NRG (Energy). NRG breathed new life into my business. I still have kept the relationships that I built many years back. I have been to many other networking events and groups, but the one thing that really stands out to me about NRG is that I know I will get great referrals every time we meet. It is a perfect place to build your business and take it to the next level. Thank you, Mike Weiner for being a great leader in this industry!”

Phillip Seaman/LegalShield

“I highly recommend NRG for individuals who understand and appreciate the strength of relationship marketing and client development, with a genuine interest in establishing a network of trusted colleagues. I especially enjoy the informal, yet structured format of weekly meetings, which provide a way to contribute to others’ marketing efforts as well as gather ideas and contacts. It’s a welcome change to other networking group formats, often tending to be more structured and requiring a significant amount of preparation and commitment.

Network Referral Group (NRG) offers a great venue to meet professionals interested in working as partners to generate business, and I’ve had the opportunity to develop professional alliances and friendships with several individuals in the Columbia 2 group. I value being able to provide solid referrals to clients for services outside of my profession. Building a network of referring partners has been a real bonus to being a part of the group. Thanks again for extending the initial invitation!”

Y. Britt Gumport/Veney Financial Group

“Having spent many years in sales and business development, I realized that one thing is for certain. You must build relationships and trust with other sales business owners to have a successful career! NRG can give that to you. You will meet fabulous and dynamic people! You will get connected with a warm introduction from a referral partner. Having known Mike for many years, he and his organization can make the difference for your bottom line and growth!”

Gail Hires/Miller and Smith

“I have been consistently impressed with Mike Weiner, CEO and founder of Network Referral Group Inc (NRG) for the last 16 years, from the day I saw him on LinkedIn and decided to connect; to the day I met him with the Towson, Maryland NRG meeting; and today when he followed up about my experience with my NRG home group in Hunt Valley, Maryland. I have attended a number of networking groups throughout my 30 years of providing financial services, and when I met Mike and attended that first meeting, I knew I had stumbled onto something exceptional. I had just started a new position this summer and was looking to spread the word about my new offerings. Mike really delivered, and his members have been elevating me and my business ever since. 

The people Mike attracts are clearly the people you want helping you to advance your business, collaborating on business ideas, as well as providing the sources of business you need. The NRG members are inspired, driven people who will create the synergy that will accelerate your business. His meetings are on a consistent level of being productive, enjoyable and precise. NRG meetings are always helpful in some tangible way by providing important and useful information, learning new angles to pursue business and of course, providing high quality sources of prospects. You should join today!”

Lee Fox/Marketing Consulting Advocates