Weekly Meetings

60-minute weekly meetings - one seat per industry in each group, throughout the U.S. and in 3 other countries -



Our differentiator is the PINball, a warm referral

 generating process. The PINball is NRG's secret recipe for networking success! Visit a meeting for a demo and receive 3 leads

Quarterly Extravaganzas

Networking, inspiration,
and education, with breakout rooms and door prizes! Now held

nline (formerly in-person), with guest speakers and sponsors, and up to 300 members and guests from around the world


Speaker Series

Educational, Interactive
online seminars and workshops. Presented monthly by NRG members and special guest speakers


Looking for a list of NRG Groups and locations?

Upcoming NRG Events
​Join us for these 2023 Events!

​The NRG Experience - Every Wednesday
Next NRG Speaker Series Webinar Friday, March 24
​Fall Extravaganza Friday, September 8
​Other Events Below

Friday, March 24, Noon EDT
Houston NRG member Chris Salem, CEO of CRS Group Holdings, LLC, Corporate Trainer & Executive Coach will speak on 
“Core Strategies to Boost Your Brand 
and Your Business Simultaneously” 

12-1 PM (ET), 11 AM-12 PM (CT), 10-11AM (MT) 9-10 AM (PT)
Zoom: 367 333 9689 (no passcode) https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3673339689/
Please invite guests! 

Chris will answer questions such as:
  • How can you develop a solid foundation to dramatically scale your business forward?
  • How can you find a guaranteed minimum of $100K in hidden revenue opportunities in your business and sales process?
  • How can you implement a process to get paid as a speaker at leading industry B2B and entrepreneurial conferences, and then double or triple your revenue from the event?

Chris Salem is an accomplished business acceleration strategist, business executive coach, world-class speaker, corporate trainer-advisor, award-winning author, certified mindset expert, and radio show host & media personality mentoring business professionals and SMB businesses to scale their brands and business through effective business acceleration strategies as trusted advisors.

Chris also mentors business leaders and businesses toward solutions for enhancing business culture, improving workplace communications, increasing sales, and increasing employee engagement for maximum production. His book, "Master Your Inner Critic / Resolve the Root Cause – Create Prosperity" became an international bestseller in 2016. He also co-authored the recent edition of "Mastering the Art of Success" with Jack Canfield.

He has two weekly radio shows: Sustainable Success, part of the Voice America Influencers Channel, and Business Influencers with Tal Radio, part of the Touch-A-Life foundation.

Chris works with organizations such as JP Morgan – Chase, Ralph Lauren, GE Research, Oracle, UTC - Pratt & Whitney, Raytheon, Microchip Technologies, Anthem, US Census Bureau, United Healthcare, Laticrete Corporation, Hubbell Corporation, Conning & Company, Foxwoods Casino, the US Senate, and NYPD Forensics Department, and universities such as University of Hartford, Westchester Community College, Bay Path University, Worcester State University, and spoke on overcoming limited beliefs for peak performance at Harvard University’s Faculty Club.

This event will be held on Mike’s main zoom: 367 333 9689 (no passcode) https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3673339689/
Please invite guests! Text Mike Weiner at 443.756.9656 to RSVP.

The NRG Experience: each Wednesday (subject to change): 

Upcoming dates: March 29, April 5, 12, 19, 26 - 7-8PM (EDT), 6-7PM (CDT), 4-5PM (PDT)

You're invited! The NRG Experience Wednesdays, Upcoming dates:  March 29, April 5, 12, , 19, 26 Zoom: 367-333-9689, no passcode.

Previous Events

NRG Networking Extravaganza - Friday, March 3, go to bit.ly/3323NRG to register.to
RSVP at bit.ly/3323NRG

NRG Spring Extravaganza
​Friday, March 3, 1-4PM (EST)/12-3PM (CST)
​Network with up to 200 NRG Members and Guests! 
​Educational, Informational & Motivational Speakers, 
including Keynote Speaker James Monteith, JWM Marketing, Inc. 
James will share his best "LinkedIn Lead Generation Secrets"Learn what you should be doing to get conversations with the right people on LinkedIn to advance your business. Follow his steps and watch your business grow!

Thank you to our Sponsors: 

~ David Rosenstrock, CFP® - Wharton Wealth Planning, LLC

David will speak about how to "Safeguard Your Financial Future in 2023"
Lisa will speak on “Business Funding Options to Fit Your Business”

~ Margie Basaraba - Florida Energy Advisors

Margie will speak on "The Benefits of Solar Power"

~Rick Fahlbusch - Debt to Wealth Associates

Rick will speak about "Converting Debt to Wealth"

~Doug Roy, Mentalist/Magician, "Master of the Unexpected" 

will mysitfy us with virtual magic in between speakers! DougRoyMagic.com

Please Register at http://bit.ly/3323NRG to get the Zoom link. 

Contact Mike Weiner at 443.756.9656 if you would like to be a Sponsor.

NRG Social Feb. 9  6:30 - 9pm Nottingham’s Tavern in Columbia 8850 Stanford Blvd., Suite 1100 Columbia, MD 21045. RSVP to Mitch Fischler mfischler@zerodraftmd.com or (410) 980-9774

NRG Social in Maryland

Thursday, February 9, 6:30 PM-9 PM

Nottingham’s Tavern 8850 Stanford Blvd., Suite 1100 

Columbia, MD 21045

Arrive when you can & stay as late as you want.

Please Join NRG members and guests from Maryland, Virginia, DC, and around the DMV-area for our first in-person event in 3 years!

Thursday, February 9, 6:30-9:00 PM
No Agenda, Just Socializing!
Arrive when you can & stay as long as you like!

All NRG Members and Guests are welcome!
Meet Members from the Columbia, DMV, DMV Twilight, Ellicott City, Owings Mills,
Rockville, Southern Maryland, Towson, and Virginia NRG Groups.

Please RSVP to Mitch Fischler so we can give Nottingham's a headcount. mfischler@zerodraftmd.com or (410) 980-9774

Look for us in the back - ask at the hostess stand if you don't see us.

Please note: This is a public bar/restaurant. Each person is responsible for their own food and beverages, and each person is responsible for taking whatever COVID-19 precautions you deem necessary. 

The 2023 NRG Speaker Series welcomes Danielle Amos on Friday, Feb. 3, 12PM EST / 11AM CST / 9AM PST. Business Coach and Northern California NRG member, Tom Kavanaugh will talk about “Making NRG Work for Your Business”  Zoom ID: 367-333-9689, no passcode. Text Mike Weiner at 443.756.9656 to RSVP.

“Quantum Leap Your Results in 2023 

by Applying the Mechanics of Self-Image”

With Special Guest Speaker:

Danielle Amos, Business & Success Coach & Mindset Mentor & Founder of EMPRESS

“You will never outperform your self-image.” - Bob Proctor


Danielle Amos is one of Bob Proctor’s protégés. As a top Consultant at the Proctor Gallagher Institute, she specializes in the science of self-image.


Did you know that your mind is like a thermostat? This is why entrepreneurs often have one great month, followed by a slow month. The thermostat of the mind is your self-image. Your results go back to the preset level unless you do something to change the setting. To change your typical results, and specifically to create a quantum leap in your performance, you must start by changing your perception of yourself.


Danielle works with C-level executives, entrepreneurs, realtors, insurance agents, network marketers, salespeople, and coaches to embody their next-level self. She has studied the science of self-image and perception and now teaches the self-image embodiment code to individual achievement.

If you would like to know how these clients reset their “thermostats,” changed their perceptions of themselves, and achieved these breakthroughs, and you want to experience your own quantum leap in 2023, please join us on Friday to hear Danielle speak. Friday, February 3: 12-1 PM (Eastern), 11 AM-12 PM (Central), 10-11 AM (Mountain), 9-10 AM (Pacific)


No Cost to Attend. All Guests Welcome!

Text Mike Weiner, NRG CEO 443.756.9656 to RSVP.

This event is part of the 2023 NRG Speaker Series

The 2023 NRG Speaker Series – kicks off on Tuesday, January 10, 1PM EST / 12PM CST / 10AM PST. Business Coach and Northern California NRG member, Tom Kavanaugh will talk about “Making NRG Work for Your Business”. To be held on Mike’s Zoom: 367-333-9689, no passcode. Text Mike Weiner at 443.756.9656 to RSVP.

Making NRG Work for YOUR Business

The 2023 NRG Speaker Series kicks off on Tuesday, January 10, 1PM EST / 12PM CST / 10AM PST. Business Coach and Northern California NRG member, Tom Kavanaugh will talk about “Making NRG Work for Your Business”.
This event will be held on Mike’s Zoom: 367-333-9689, https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3673339689/. 
Text Mike at 443.756.9656 to RSVP.

Tom will share his best tips, tricks and the “Secret Sauce” for networking the NRG way. He'll reveal how he made 6 times his ROI within weeks of joining, and how you can create your own NRG success story. Tom will answer questions, such as:

~ How can I get the most out of participating in NRG (and other networking opportunities)?

~ What is the best way to go about contacting the leads I get from NRG Group Sessions?

~ What is the real “Secret Sauce” to making the NRG platform and resources work for my specific business?

**Even non-members will benefit from Tom's tips!**

Attend to experience the energy, synergy and excitement that networking the NRG way can bring to your business!


Tom Kavanaugh is a Business Strategy Coach and owner of New Coaching Strategies. He has made NRG his daily source of acquiring new leads for his business by giving away valuable, useable content that helps each individual business owner he speaks with at no charge... find out why this makes NRG his most valuable source of new business!

2022 NRG Speaker Series - the Final Speaker for 2022!

Thursday, December 8, 1-2PM EST/12-1PM CST

"Goal Setting for 2023 & Beyond"

Michelle Wilson, NRG V.P. and Utilities Concierge with ACN will lead a panel discussion with NRG members Joel Holc,  Energy Awareness Coach, Speaker & Author of "The Eggshell Effect", and John Nusslein, President & Founder of Tandem Head Consulting LLC, on the factors involved
 in setting goals - from the numerical to the pragmatic to the mental/emotional. 
Zoom: 367-333-9689 (no passcode)  -  Text Mike Weiner to RSVP: 443.756.9656

Register here for the Dec. 2 Extravaganza 1-4PM EST: bit.ly/WNTR22

NRG Winter Extravaganza
​Friday, December 2, 1-4PM (EST)/12-3PM (CST)
​Network with up to 200 NRG Members and Guests! 
​Educational, Informational & Motivational Speakers, 
including Keynote Speaker Jessica Koch, Jessica Koch Consulting 
and Sponsors: 
~ Rich Garry - Lifewave
~ Joel Saxe - Zen Delivery
~ Marty Krist - Tax Simplicity
~ Debbie Henninger - Powur Solar
~ Jay Stoyan - The Disability Channel
~ Dr. Monica Young Andrews - Divine Order Network

~ Janice Lee - Lead Generation Recruitment Agency

~ David Rosenstrock, CFP® - Wharton Wealth Planning, LLC

Please Register at http://bit.ly/WNTR22 to get the Zoom number. 

Social Media Marketing Training With Steve Black

NRG - Special VIRTUAL Event

Nationally known speaker Steve Black will inspire, motivate, and teach you

the strategies that will work in 2023 and beyond!


Thursday November 10, 2022 - 2 pm EST / 1 pm CST / 11 am PST

90-Minute event

Open to members and guests

Includes 8 page detailed workbook upon registration: RSVP to receive the Zoom link & detailed 8-page workbook - bit.ly/nrgnovember


75+ minutes of cutting edge strategies and tactics that will help you THRIVE in today’s selling environment and dominate in 2023 and beyond!

Steve’s training will cover:

• Leveraging simple social media strategies to stay top of mind within your sphere

• The right way to use Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more!

• Developing a consistent image and message with your customers & warm market

• List of photos you MUST take and how to use them the right way

• Defining your marketing message to reach your target market

• Leveraging authority video to position yourself as the expert in your industry

• Converting visibility into sales & profits

The leaders of FreedomPath will join NRG 

Thursday, October 27

Presenting FreedomPath:
A Revolutionary Financial Wellness Platform

2PM (ET) / 1PM (CT)
12PM (MT) / 11AM (PT)

(1-Hour Program)

All members and visitors welcome!

No cost to attend.
Zoom: 367-333-9689 (no passcode)

Text Mike Weiner to RSVP: 443.756.9656

NRG's own CEO & Founder,
Mike Weiner, will speak on    


Thursday, October 20

2PM (ET) / 1PM (CT)
12PM (MT) / 11AM (PT)

(1-Hour Program)

If you would like to know how to Create Massive Momentum
to finish 2022 on a strong note
and start 2023 in the groove,
please attend and invite guests!

Zoom: 367-333-9689 (no password)

NRG Speaker Series event
Friday, September 23
Noon (EST) /11AM (CST)

"Spread Your Message with Webcasts"
Leon Thomas, President of The Leon Thomas Group, and member of the Towson, Maryland NRG group, will talk about his webcast TV shows:
  • How he got into virtual event and webcast production
  • The importance of spreading the message about you and your business via virtual shows & podcasts
  • The 5 BIG mistakes people make in virtual presenting, and how to avoid them
  • How you can be a featured guest on an upcoming episode of "NRG This Week" with Leon and Mike Weiner, NRG CEO & Founder
Go to Mike's main Zoom # 367-333-9689 (no passcode)
Text Mike at 443.756.966 to RSVP, and feel free to invite others. No cost to attend, all guests are welcome.
NRG Fall Extravaganza, 9/9/22 1-4PM EST / 10AM-1PM PST

NRG 2022 Fall Extravaganza

Friday, September 9, 2022
1PM-4PM - Eastern / 12-3PM - Central / 
11AM-2PM - Mountain / 10AM-1PM - Pacific

Network with 200 NRG members and guests! Breakout Rooms & Door Prizes!

Cynthia Greathouse - IGNITE Your Mind
Cynthia will speak on "Wealth & Business Building"
Mike Weiner - NRG CEO & Founder

Rich Garry - Lifewave
Lisa Rodino - FitUFinance
Matt Balducci - Matt Balducci LLC

Join us via Zoom: Please Register at http://bit.ly/NRG9922 to get the Zoom link.
Questions? Please text Mike Weiner, NRG CEO at 443.756.9656

Network Referral Group LLC 2022 Speaker Series Presents: 

“Taking Action for Success”

Thursday, August 4

2-3PM (Eastern) 1-2PM (Central) 12-1PM (Mountain) 11AM-12PM (Pacific)

with Special Guest Speaker:
Mary Ann Hauser
CEO, Serendipity Coaching & Consulting
Action Coach Business Coaching:

Questions? Contact Mike Weiner, NRG CEO


Open to the Public; No Cost to Attend

Please RSVP at http://bit.ly/COACH84        to get the Zoom Link

Building Customer Loyalty with Heartfelt Marketing Tools

Please join Network Referral Group LLC and NRG Annapolis member Amberly Shreve, CRM, CGBM, Consultant with SendOutCards on Tuesday, July 26 for a presentation on 

“Building Customer Loyalty with Heartfelt Marketing Tools”


You will learn:

>> How and why you should use a proven system to stay top-of-mind with your customers, prospects, and referral partners

>> How reaching out in tangible ways to your customers, prospects, and referral partners increases loyalty, and how loyalty can boost your business

>> Whether to invest time and money building heartfelt relationships with existing connections, or focus on new sales

>>  The surprising item people won't throw away

>>  How SOC's new phone app and web-based program make it easier than ever to streamline your relationship marketing

>> Tuesday, July 26, 7-8PM (Eastern), 6-7PM (Central), 5-6PM (Mountain), 4-5PM (Pacific)


There is no cost to attend, but registration is required: bit.ly/Amb726 

Join us this Friday, July 15 at Noon (EST) / 11AM (CST)

Network Referral Group LLC presents another informative NRG 2022 Speaker Series Event:

“Effective Branding & Marketing for Small Businesses”

with Guest Speaker: Maribel “Sunshine” Rodriguez

Founder & CEO - Sunshine Personnel Solutions LLC

     Attendees will learn Sunshine’s best strategies for effective marketing and branding for small businesses and her “Golden Nugget” tips for building relationships with your target audience.

Friday, July 15, 12-1PM (Eastern), 11AM-Noon (Central) 10-11AM (Mountain), 9-10AM (Pacific)

No Cost to Attend. RSVP Required to get the Zoom Number: bit.ly/Sun-715

“Take Your LinkedIn Profile from Static to Dynamic”

LinkedIn Expert Rhonda Sher 

NRG Speaker Series Event: Thursday, June 16

1-2PM (EDT), 12-1PM (CDT), 11AM-12PM (MDT), 10AM-11AM (PDT)

RSVP Here to get the Zoom Link:



Please join us to learn:

·  What you must have on your LinkedIn profile to create credibility

·  What you can add to your profile to get found in searches

·  How to stay top of mind with prospects and referral partners

·  What to include in your "about section" to create rapport

·  How to stay out of the "LinkedIn Witness Protection Program" so your profile will be seen and people will want to contact you

Educational Content  / Breakout Rooms  /  Door Prizes! 

NRG Summer Extravaganza

Friday, June 3  

1-4pm EST

12-3pm CST / 11am-2pm MST / 10am-1pm PST 

There is no cost to attend, 

but you must RSVP/Register at        http://bit.ly/nrg6-3        to get the zoom link. 

Keynote Speaker: Tom Kavanaugh - New Coaching Strategies:

“How to Build 3x the Rapport in ⅓ the Time”

Thank you to our SPONSORS: 
(Click the company names to visit their websites.)

Keynote Speaker Tom Kavanaugh with New Coaching Strategies will tell us "How to Build 3x the Rapport in ⅓ the Time"
Sponsor Joel Holc, Learning Disability Energy Coach with The Eggshell Effect will share some of his wisdom
Sponsor Sharie Trace Helfand - Insurance Consultant with Chesapeake Insurance Solutions will give some helpful information.
Sponsor Ed Cresci with Thryv will talk about "Maximizing Your Business' Online Presence"
Sponsors Jeff Klie and Jay Barry with Fastest Feedback will ask "How Does Your Business Communicate?"
Sponsor Dr. David Silverman with Asea will explain "The Health Benefits of Redox Molecules"
Sponsor John Waller with The On Hold Messaging Experience will tell us "Why Your Business Needs a Customized On-Hold Message"
Entertainment Sponsor "The Virtual Magician" Doug Roy - Master Of The Unexpected will dazzle and delight us with some mesmerizing, interactive entertainment!
Jennifer A. Garcia with Spiritual Spectra will explain "Understanding Personality Types to Maximize Your Networking Potential"
NRG VP Michelle Conlon Wilson with ACN will give a mini masterclass on "What is a Power Partner?"
NRG CEO Mike Weiner will talk about "Servitude Without Expectation" 

"Choosing & Using a CRM for Sales Success" 
​With John Waller, "The OnHold Guy"
​Friday, April 29, 2022

12-1PM (Eastern) / 11AM-12PM (Central) / 10-11AM (Mountain) / 9-10AM (Pacific)

John Waller, “The OnHold Guy”, will teach us:

>> Do you need a CRM?

>> How to choose the right CRM

>> Why the fortune is in the follow-up

>> How John’s CRM has helped him succeed in business over the last quarter of a century

>> Tips and tricks to get the most benefit from your CRM

>> How John earned $30K from 4 phone calls

>> The story of the Thousand-Dollar-Shoe

No cost to attend, but Registration is required. Please RSVP at http://bit.ly/NRG-JohnW

“The Art of Follow-Up”  

Join NRG members and guests for the next event in the NRG Speaker Series:  

“The Art of Follow Up” with Gabriella (her friends call her "Gab") Waterman of GabTalks™

She will discuss the importance of doing follow-up consistently and properly to generate more business, and show us some innovative ways to follow up with the help of technology.


All attendees must register in advance for this meeting:


After registering, you will instantly receive a confirmation email with instructions 

on how to join the meeting.

NRG Spring Extravaganza: 

Friday, March 4, 1-4pm EST

 12-3pm CST / 11am-2pm MST / 10am-1pm PST 

Registration Required to Access the Zoom  http://bit.ly/nrg3-4

Registration Required to Access the Zoom  http://bit.ly/nrg3-4

Keynote Speaker: 
Cynthia Greathouse of IGNITE your Mind 
"MIND Your Business: Can You Really Use Your Mind to Change Your Results?"

Sponsors include: 
Rich Garry, Lifewave
Jeff Klie, Fastest Response
Ranbir Bhutan, CyberCulture, LLC
Lori Abramson, LegalShield/IDShield
Jen Mathey-Reilly - Pixie Health Insurance
Judith Jameson, Relationship Coach & Paralegal 
Sharie Helfand, Chesapeake Insurance Solutions

Educational Content  /  Breakout Rooms  /  Door Prizes! 


More details on our 2022 schedule of events to follow.
These events are public, and guests are encouraged!

Members: if you would like to be on the calendar to speak, please send Mike Weiner your topic 

and include why  your fellow NRG members would benefit from it.

Steve Black Returns to NRG - Thursday, February 3
Join us for this 75-minute program: 1PM EST, 12PM CST, 10AM PST

Social Media & Marketing Training With Steve Black 

Build Your Brand • Increase Sales • Generate More Referrals

• Leveraging simple social media strategies to stay top-of-mind with your sphere
• The right way to use Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and more!
• Developing a consistent image and message with your customers & warm market
• List of photos you MUST take and how to use them the right way
• Defining your marketing message to reach your target market
• Leveraging authority video to position yourself as the expert in your industry
• Converting visibility into sales & profits

Please Note: Steve is hosting this event on his Zoom. You MUST REGISTER at https://bit.ly/nrgspeaker to get his Zoom link and the workbook.

Please invite others!

2022 NRG Speaker Series 
"LinkedIn Networking Success Strategies"

FRIDAY, JAN. 21, 12-1PM (EST), 11AM-NOON (CST)
     Please join NRG members and guests and NRG member Jennifer Elia, Digital Marketing Strategist and Mentor with Secret to Visibility Online for our first 2022 NRG Speaker Series event!
     Get more out of your networking and Linkedin by optimizing your presence on the platform. Easy to implement, proven techniques that will scale your visibility and organically grow your reach. If you spend time networking and want to maximize your efforts, this is the workshop for you.
     Jennifer Elia helps businesses get visible online in less time, with less stress, and for less money with proven, sustainable, and scalable systems that work in any niche. After over a decade in digital marketing, she has mastered marketing without the tricks and hacks, so your social media is algorithm-proof. Jennifer is also a two-time best-selling author. Her goal-driven, holistic approach to marketing up-levels your game while giving you more time to spend on your clients, your family, and your friends–which is the whole reason you started your business in the first place!
Friday, January 21, 12-1 PM (Eastern), 11AM-12 PM (Central) 9-10 AM (Pacific)
Zoom: 367 333 9689 (No passcode) or 
Text Mike Weiner, NRG CEO, at 443.756.9656 to RSVP
Network Referral Group Speaker Series 
Tandem Head Consulting present:

Tony Ruggieri, President and CEO of the Ruggieri Financial Group
Topic: "Decommodification: Centers of Influence and Building a Client Base
That Never Leaves You"

Don Cooper, VP Life Brokerage at Principal
Topic: "Succession Planning for Business Owners"

Hosted by John Nusslein, Founder and CEO of Tandem Head Consulting

Friday, December 10, 12-1 PM (Eastern), 11AM-12 PM (Central) 9-10 AM (Pacific)
Zoom: 367 333 9689 (No passcode) or 
Text Mike Weiner, NRG CEO, at 443.756.9656 to RSVP

NRG Winter Extravaganza

Join up to 200 NRG members and guests to hear 

dynamic speakers and sponsors on Friday, December 3, 

1PM-3:30PM (EST), 12PM-2:30PM (CST), 10AM-12:30PM (PST)

Keynote Speaker: Cynthia Greathouse of IGNITE Your Mind https://igniteyourmind.us/

Thank you to our Sponsors: 

Jeffrey DeWald of DeWald Electric Electric

Kurt Storm of ADMAZO https://admazo.co

Tim Dodd of JTD Group https://www.jtdgrp.com/

Gabriella "Gab" Waterman of GabTalks https://gabtalks.com                                                                                       

Jonathan Arena of White Clay Technology/ Real Tech Pros https://www.whiteclaytechnology.com                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Sharie Helfand of Chesapeake Insurance Solutions https://chesapeakeinsol.com/

Zoom: 367-333-9689 (no password) https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3673339689

"Revenue Accelerator:
5 Strategies Top Business Use to Supercharge their Profit"

​with Roddy Looney, ​President of RCL Integrated

Roddy will share the strategies that Fortune 500 companies use to build highly profitable businesses. 
You will learn 5 unique strategies to increase revenue
for small- to medium-sized businesses.

HINT: None of these strategies revolve around marketing!

Friday, November 19 

12-1PM (EST) ~ 11AM-12PM (CST) 

 10-11AM (MST) ~ 9-10AM (PST).

Roderick Looney is the president of RCL Integrated, a Baltimore-based business development firm. His resume includes 
consulting for multiple Fortune 100 companies, as well as building two 7-figure marketing firms before starting RCL Integrated in 2020. 
No Cost to Attend. All Guests Welcome! 
Zoom: 367-333-9689 (no password)

"Creating Massive Momentum" 
​Mike Weiner, CEO of Network Referral Group

Friday, October 29 

New Time

12-1PM (ET) * 11AM-12PM (CT) 
 10-11AM (MT) * 9-10AM (PT).
If you would like to know how to Create Massive Momentum
to finish 2021 on a strong note and start 2022 in the groove, 
please attend and invite guests! 
Zoom: 367-333-9689 (no password)

NRG Fall Extravaganza

Join up to 200 NRG members and guests to hear dynamic speakers and sponsors on Friday, September 24, 1PM-3:30PM (Eastern), 12PM-2:30PM (Central), 10AM-12:30 (Pacific). https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3673339689

Thank you to our Sponsors: 
  • KEYNOTE SPEAKERMichelle Lee, CEO of Michelle Lee Business Coaching (https://michelleleecoaching.com/), is an award-winning Certified B.A.N.K. Coach and Trainer, and an international professional speaker who comes from a 28-year background in sales and marketing for a $12 million company. She lost everything she owned in 2015, when she lost her corporate job and had to rebuild from nothing. She built a very successful company while also building a successful direct sales business.
  • The B.A.N.K. system Michelle Lee learned and now teaches gave her the ability to take a company from start-up to success quickly by knowing the communication techniques needed to close deals faster, create leverage when negotiating, and increase sales exponentially by identifying the values of the people she works with, all while being authentic and building stronger relationships. She will give you a tool – the B.A.N.K. Code – and the training to teach you the system that will not only dramatically increase your income and give you the ability to close deals faster, it will save you time, energy, and money – and take your relationships with your family and friends to a whole new level., too.   

She will present an "Intro to BANK, Cracking the Code to Increase Sales and Close Deals Faster!"


    Please contact Mike Weiner at 443.756.9656 for more information.



Friday, September 10th

1-2PM (Eastern)/12-1PM (Central)/10-11AM (Pacific)


Marketing and sales ugh! As a business owner, you love what you do, but you didn't sign up for the marketing and sales part. Here's a news flash: if you don't get the marketing and sales down pat, you won't have a business! Toni Harris Taylor of Drastic Results Coaching is going to share with us her proven ways to make your business go viral and get your business to six figures, even during COVID!


In this session, you will learn:

·  How to develop a drastic mentality to be unstoppable!

·  How to get in front of the right clients (who can afford you) so you don't waste your time.

·  How to create viral networking strategies so that you can get more referrals.

·  How to use social media and other technology tools to get connected! 

Who is Toni Harris Taylor?

Toni is known as The Coach that Connects™. Toni's mantra for life and business is “drastic” She has personally grown her business internationally by connecting with other entrepreneurs all over the world and she teaches her clients to take drastic steps to get drastic results in their business. As an international speaker and certified marketing/sales coach and author of 5 business books, she teaches entrepreneurs how to get known, get connected, and get paid! Toni took another drastic step and launched the Drastic Results with Toni Harris Taylor TV Show where she interviews successful entrepreneurs and helps inspire entrepreneurs to stay in the game. Find her at drasticresults.com and on YouTube at www.youtube.com/c/toniharristaylor.

"The 7 Costly Mistakes Networkers Make"

Thursday, September 2nd

1-2PM (Eastern)/12-1PM (Central)/10-11AM (Pacific)

As networking professionals, we work hard to find strategic partners and clients, and to cultivate business relationships. But are you networking correctly and maximizing your networking possibilities? In this interactive event, Jeff Klein will share what he's learned as an active networker and a networking guru.

Jeff Klein is a Speaker and Trainer who has received rave reviews, speaking over 600 times, reaching over 15,000 business professionals. He is the author of "30 Seconds to Success: Generating Referrals with Your Elevator Pitch" and the upcoming "Speaking as a Business Strategy: 9 Laws to Business Speaking Success". Following successful careers in Advertising, Marketing, and Production, Jeff’s individual and group programs assist professionals who are responsible for generating revenue, to create great opportunities to sell. He regularly speaks to trade associations, sales organizations, national conventions, and business groups. For more about Jeff, please goto http://JeffKleinSpeaker.com and http://www.SpeakerCoop.com



Mindset for Success Event 8/12/21

Presented by NRG Member, 
Cynthia Greathouse, Founder & CEO of IGNITE Your Mind, 
Elite Mentor & Mind Mastery Expert.

Thursday, 8/12/21, 1PM-2PM (Eastern), Noon-1PM (Central)


> Can you reallyTHINK INTO RESULTS?


You came into this world with unique talents and gifts. 
Uncover the untapped greatness within you and take control of your life!

Cynthia Greathouse has a rich and diverse background in business and sales, 
including time spent in sales for a Fortune 500 Top Ten company. 
She has also taught at the college level.

Using scientific and proven methods 
of the Proctor Gallagher Institute (57 years proven!), 
Cynthia Greathouse will speed up the process 
of living your life to the fullest.

As an Elite Mentor, Cynthia guides individuals 
who seek the fastest path towards their desired life. 

Zoom: 367-333-9689
Please Text your RSVP to Mike Weiner 443.756.9656.

               Epic Momentum!
​Presented by Addison Bell of Addison Bell Coaching

Heart-Centered Sex & Relationship Coach,

Tantric Practitioner, Author, and Body-Image Expert

​and Mike Weiner, CEO & Founder

of Network Referral Group (NRG)

Who couldn't use a boost of EPIC MOMENTUM
When you’re having an issue personally,
it’s going to affect your business,
and if you’re having issues with your business,
it is going to affect you personally.
Addison and Mike will address these challenges
and how you can achieve EPIC MOMENTUM!!
See above for a follow-up event "The Mirror of Love, Finances and Life" on July 29, which will go deeper into this topic.

The Art of Prospecting

Thursday, June 24, 1:00PM - 2:30PM

Join Jessica Koch for a training and networking event on how to:

Create a clear contact list of ideal prospects

Create a powerful process that works over and over.

Keeping a strong pipeline is essential the art of research and prospecting is the most important first step in your sales cycle.

In this networking training event, you will discover a process that will help you have a consistent flow of steady customers.

NRG Summer Extravaganza , Friday June 11

1:00 PM-3:30 PM (Eastern)
10:00 AM-12:30 PM (Pacific)
Join us via Zoom: 3673339689 https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3673339689

The NRG Extravaganza is a quarterly event for NRG members and guests. It’s a great opportunity for all the current and prospective members and guests to get together in a multi-hour event with several informative speakers. The energy is very high, the sponsors get a lot of exposure, and everyone walks away feeling inspired, empowered, and motivated.


Before the pandemic, we used to meet in Columbia, Maryland. In 2020, we moved the NRG Extravaganza online to Zoom. It’s very exciting to be able to assemble the entire organization virtually. Now with no geographic limitations, the NRG Extravaganza is even more important than ever as we bring members and visitors together from over 20 states. 

Sponsors: Kurt Storm – ADMAZO 

Sharie Helfand - Chesapeake Insurance Solutions 

John Kahn and Krista Foster - Joi Delivers

Angela Mederos and Anita Ferguson - Arbonne International

To Register on Eventbrite: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/157873446729

                    "Double Your Sales This Year" 
​        with Umar Hameed, CEO of No Limits Selling

in a 60-minute Seminar with Umar Hameed
Thursday, June 3
7-8PM, (Eastern), 6-7PM Central, 4-5PM (Pacific)


Reaching your full sales potential is a result of having:

  • a kick-ass mindset
  • a stellar strategy
  • bullet-proof sales skills

In this presentation, you will learn how to switch on all three elements so your sales performance amps up right away.

This presentation is for you if: 

  • You are not booking enough sales appointments
  • You are not reaching your dream customers
  • You are selling on price, not on value
  • You have a weak sales strategy
  • Your sales cycle is too long
  • Your closing ratio is too low
You can watch this 1-minute video for an introduction to the presentation:http://vimeo.com/524003368

Please click here to REGISTER, www.eventbrite.com/e/156957603417 
Join us via Zoom: 367-333-9689
and please invite guests! 

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