Top 10 Benefits of Joining NRG

How To Join

Currently, please contact Mike Weiner NRG CEO & Founder, at 443-756-9656 to join NRG. Upon approval, you will be sent an invoice and a membership agreement form to sign.


We are working on a page where prospects can fill out the form online and send the payments via the website, but this is not yet available. Thank you for your patience.


Meanwhile, please contact Mike Weiner, NRG CEO & Founder, at 443-756-9656.

The Future of NRG

Many members have asked: “What does the future hold for NRG?”


The organization was started by Mike Weiner in 2001, and we have seen lots of transitions take place. From running 5 up to eventually 15 weekly meetings, all of this came to a crashing halt in March 2020 due to Mike’s triple bypass open-heart surgery and the COVID-19 pandemic. Once Mike was on the road to recovery, he moved the entire networking organization online to Zoom.


What has happened since then has been unprecedented. Between April 2020 and October 2020, the organization grew from 3 to 13 states. NRG will continue to grow and we will be in all 50 states by late 2021. We also have designs on going international in the next year.


The future of NRG will revolve around technology. Step 1 is Zoom. Step 2 is our new website launched at the beginning of November 2020. Step 3 is a custom-made social media platform that is currently in development. The social media platform will be a hybrid of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and a lot more. We are really excited about this technology.


However, I think the future is more about mindset than anything, as we’ve implemented the Law of Attraction within the organization to help people grow mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and professionally. The organization is committed to helping everybody grow through a “contagious” positive atmosphere. So many referrals are given out at every single meeting — our prospects and new members have said they’ve never seen anything like it! So, as strong as our technology side is, NRG is all about human connections. In a world where so many things get people down, we are committed to an uplifting atmosphere that facilitates everybody coming together as a business family to take care of each other.