We invite you to attend an NRG Meeting via Zoom.
​Your first meeting is free! Experience NRG's PINball first-hand. 

​You will receive 3 warm referrals at your first meeting, guaranteed! 

All NRG Group meetings are 1 hour, held weekly via Zoom. 
  • ​As a member, once you lock in your industry, you will never compete for referrals in your group. 
  • ​You do not have to choose a group in your geographical area if you can do businesses regionally/nationally.
  • If you don't see the location you want, or you have questions, please text Mike Weiner, NRG CEO & Founder, at 443-756-9656 or email Mike at mike@networkreferralgroup.com.
  • If you see a meeting that says 5 minutes, it's because NRG has two different meetings at the same time (the software doesn't allow us to double-book). Look at the meeting description for the exact time. 
  • ​​​PLEASE NOTE: If your industry overlaps with a member of the group you select to visit, we will contact you and find a better group for you to visit instead. Our members are granted industry exclusivity within the group they've joined. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility. 
  • The booking page is for visitors. ​If you are already a member, here's what to do:
      1. Please check the current roster and schedule for the meeting you'd like to visit, 
      2. make sure there's no category overlap, 
      3. and then send the group leader an RSVP text instead, thanks.

Top 10 Benefits of Joining NRG!

Note: the Membership amount mentioned in the video has changed, but we're sure you'll agree that $750 per year 
​is an excellent value for all your membership gives you access to! Watch the video and check out our Testimonials page!

                                                   12 Unique Benefits of NRG Membership:

  1. On the spot WARM referrals with our unique PINball system!
  2. Access to nearly 30 weekly meetings across the U.S. & Canada
  3. You will have industry exclusivity in the group you join. Then you can visit all the other groups (where your industry seat is open). 
  4. Twice-a-year NRG Global Extravaganzas (an online business expo with networking & professional development via Zoom). The next one is March 9, 2024. 
  5. Access to Business Education, Training & Support:
    >  Monthly NRG SPEAKER SERIES events, and the opportunity to apply to be a speaker
     PINball Express - a bimonthly training with our new Director of Training, Jeff Klein, for all members who want to hone their referral generating and partnership cultivating skills! This is an exclusive benefit for members only!
    >  Monthly NRG MASTERMIND sessions, led by NRG VP, Michelle Wilson.

  6. Access to NRG VP Michelle Wilson, an amazing networker and leader!
  7. Access to CEO & Founder Mike Weiner - I am here to serve, network, and connect! I’m all about helping members and their businesses grow!
  8. Access to NRG Ambassadors - leaders within our community of members.
  9. Access to Julie Lichtman, my amazing Virtual Assistant!
  10. Access to nearly 400 Referral Partners - our members. We have tripled our membership since pivoting from face-to-face meetings to all Zoom meetings in 2020.
  11. The "Ultimate Referral Program" - an opportunity to add bonus months, up to a full year to your annual membership by referring new members to NRG. 
  12. Access to the most complete one-stop-shop in the networking world, with a perfect culture of Law of Attraction, so each group is serving all our members.

Intrigued? Text or call me 443.756.9656 to visit one of our 32 weekly meetings or use the links above to visit a group.

​How To Join

Once you have been pre-approved by either the CEO, Mike Weiner, or Michelle Wilson, VP, or the Group Leader, 

please click nrg.online/how-to-join to join online!

The Future of NRG

NRG is always growing and adding new groups, events, and member benefits! Come visit a meeting or event to learn more!