Tara Flannery-Flannery Fotography

These are not your typical framed photos! Tara Flannery, a member of the Columbia Twilight NRG Group, photographs nature, animals, rustic buildings, landscapes, etc. and prints the photos onto canvas to create beautiful works of art. Here are a few of the beautiful images she has created.
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Tara’s story: 

“I remember being a little girl riding in the back of my parents’ station wagon on the way to the beach and being fascinated by the abandoned houses and buildings. I would imagine what the places looked like in their heyday and who the people were like who lived or worked there. I remember the excitement of imagining walking through the halls or rooms and picturing the people who walked there before me. I honestly believe that is when my love of photography started. When I go out to take pictures, I feel that same exact excitement I did when I was little. I love it!

The happiness that photography brings me is very hard to describe. When I go out on an adventure to find beautiful things to take pictures of, I am at my happiest. When I see something I want to photograph, I feel it; it's not a technical thing for me. Everything I do is based on how it makes me feel. I do all things with love, and I love photography. My life feels more meaningful when I am taking pictures. 

I hope that my love for photography conveys in my pictures, and that you can feel it too!”

Prints are available in a range of sizes and prices. Prices are subject to change. Shipping from Frederick, MD is not included. 

5"×7" $75.00

8"×10" $90.00

11"×14" $120.00

12"×12" $130.00

12"×18" $140.00

16"×20" $175.00

16"×24" $180.00

20"×30" $255.00

20"×36" $260.00

Larger sizes are also available.

Contact Tara to purchase her artwork or with any questions, special requests, bulk orders, etc.

Tara Flannery

(240) 234-0049